Some essential components for success in Social Media Marketing

Several times I met with a large company executives, who have big brands, do not complain about their success into marketing via social media (social media marketing). In fact, any effort they’ve done, including budget poured quite a lot. However, more frequent complaints I get from level managers, who can not optimally utilize social media, although they’ve made a special account on Facebook and Twitter, and trying as hard as possible to the conversation through the media.
What’s wrong?
From the experience of large companies (yes, especially for big companies, because smaller companies are usually more flexible and not complicated its management) what works and what fails, it turns out one of the most determining factor is the involvement of the team.
Many companies fail to utilize social media for marketing because it is run centrally by the marketing department, without involving other parties. Conversely, companies that succeed in this medium because before entering into social media to sell his ideas to the company’s first, and involved various parties. Namely:
1. Senior Management
Without the support of senior management (VP or GM), any marketing strategy will stop in the middle of the road. Unfortunately, because it is still considered one eye, the senior management of large companies are reluctant to come into contact with a social media strategy. Everything is handed to the level of manager. As a result, not only allocated a smaller budget, the attention of senior managers and directors of marketing impact is also almost non-existent.
2. Marketing
Clearly, the marketing division should be involved in social media strategy. This one does not need me to explain again.
3. Public Relations
It is often overlooked by the marketing division. PR would have an important role in social media because of the ability of communication that does not necessarily sell. Social media is conversation. Unusual marketing division talking directly with consumers. So also PR. Nevertheless, a subtle approach to public relations, not to sell, easier to get into social media. Thus, any strategy needs to involve the social media PR.
4. Human Resource
Because of its personal, social media is ultimately used by the employee. HR should be involved in social media marketing strategy to keep all employees of the company could become ambassadors companies in social media. I several times found the sound that different employees of large companies with sound corporate social media. If left unchecked, this phenomenon will destroy the social media campaign.
5. Information Technology
Social media marketing does not just walk in a stable and reliable media such as Facebook and Twitter. Often, companies / brands to make their own website as a landing page online campaigns. Usually, if his web site in the form of competition, the participants will strive to “outsmart” the system could be a winner. This is a big challenge for IT teams.
6. Social Media enthusiast
Despite involving the 1-5, the company’s strategy in social media is less successful if it does not involve employees who had been actually living in social media. 1-5 Components that may know and understand social media. However, only enthusiasts that understand social media very well ins and outs of social media.
By combining these six components, some companies proved able to build on social media strategy right, and able to execute it properly.
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